Ministry of Hound Grooming offer a range of services tailored to suit you and your dogs needs and we will always endeavour to spend some time discussing with you what you require, whether it be a simple bath and blow dry, to a specific breed cut or style.


We can offer advice and information on caring for your dogs coat in between grooms.  





Bath & Towel or Blow Dry

Warm hydrobath using quality shampoos and a conditioning treatment followed by a towel dry or high velocity blow dry (ideal for undercoat removal)

Price depends on coat length 

Short = less than 1.5 cm

Long = more than 1.5 cm

Bath & Tidy-up or Mini Clip


Warm hydrobath followed by a blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, eyes, belly and butt shaved or trimmed.  Finished off with a fresh smelling cologne

Full Groom

Warm hydrobath followed by a fluff dry and a clip or scissor cut into a style which suits your dog and your lifestyle, including summer clips and breed styling.  

* Matted or longer coats/styles will be extra

Short = less than 1.5 cm length

Long = more than 1.5 cm length

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All prices are approximate and are subject to change depending on coat condition and length.


Matted dogs and dogs which are hard to handle will be charged extra (+$15 minimum) 


All dogs with fleas will be given a flea rinse at an extra cost of $8